GALLERY 4 - Great Britain

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Item 4-1 Tower Bridge, London 1.

Item 4-2 Tower Bridge, London 2.

Item 4-3 E & Y building & Tower bridge (Hand tint).

Item 4-4 Clifford's Tower, York.

Item 4-5 York Minster, York (infra red).

Item 4-6 Clifford's Tower & York sunset.

Item 4-7 The Liver building, Liverpool.

Item 4-8 River Cam, Cambridge 1 (Hand Tint)

Item 4-9 River Cam, Cambridge 2

Item 4-10 River Cam, Cambridge 3 (Hand Tint)

Item 4-11 King's College, Cambridge.

Item 4-12 Tarn Hows, Hawkshead.

Item 4-13 'Barnsley Main' mine headgear, South Yorkshire

Item 4-14 'Barnsley Main' mine headgear, South Yorkshire

Item 4-15 'Barnsley Main' mine headgear, South Yorkshire (Hand Tint)

Item 4-16 'Barnsley Main' mine headgear, South Yorkshire

Item 4-17 Cadbury factory, Bournville, Birmingham

Item 4-18 Poppies at Ironbridge, Shropshire

Item 4-19 Ironbridge, Shropshire.

Item 4-20 Buildwas Abbey, Shropshire

Item 4-21 Buildwas Abbey, Shropshire

Item 4-22 Brindley Place, Birmingham

Item 4-23 Brindley Place, Birmingham

Item 4-24 Blists Hill Victorian Town, Shropshire

Item 4-25 La Corbière radio tower, Jersey (Channel Islands)

Item 4-26 Jersey Castle & Bay sunset

Item 4-27 Jersey beach sunset, Jersey (Channel Islands)

Item 4-28 Jersey Castle & Beach sunset panorama, Jersey (Channel Islands)

Item 4-29 London by night : Tower Bridge

Item 4-30 London by night : Tower of London, H.M.S Belfast & Tower Bridge

Item 4-31 Palace of Westminster, Westminster Bridge & Big Ben, London

Item 4-32 Parliament & Westminster lamp post, London

Item 4-33 Letting off steam. Didcot, Railway Centre, Oxfordshire

Item 4-34 Wheatley Windmill, Oxfordshire

Item 4-35 Wheatley Windmill, Oxfordshire

Item 4-36 Wheatley Windmill, Oxfordshire